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Welcome to LD Arch Design!

LD Arch Design is a green architecture firm in Seattle led by Parie Hines, focusing on projects that reuse and improve existing buildings and projects that strengthen community. I believe that green is a verb – it is not a static goal to achieve, but an active journey towards sustainability. Building a better world starts one step at a time, beginning from the world we have now, but focusing on the world as we want it to be.

After beginning my architectural career working on public and community projects, I had a son and designed an addition to my family’s tiny house on a very tight budget. The change was dramatic as our cozy but cramped house became an inviting light-filled space. Visitor comments changed from “cute” to “wow” – and the space worked much better for our family while also reducing our utility bills. I realized that I wanted to help other people change their existing home to be greener and to fit their lifestyle better, and thus LD Arch Design was born. I also continue my interest in community design by offering reduced rates and pro bono services to design projects that build community.

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Parie Hines, Architect
LD Arch Design
5023 25th Ave SW
Seattle, WA 98106



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