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A new space for the West Seattle Nursery

June 7, 2015

WSN rendering back view

The West Seattle Nursery has plans to expand north from their current location, into a new greenhouse and annex building, which will have ample room for houseplants and starts, as well as an espresso bar, small seating area, and space for the workshops that the Nursery offers. In addition to better meeting the gardening needs of the West Seattle neighborhoods, this small local business is also committed to making the new building green and sustainable for the future.

The design features the use of insulated triple wall polycarbonate panels for the greenhouse and structural insulated panels (SIPs) for the “annex” portion (i.e. the non-greenhouse part of the building). The building has radiant heat floors with a high efficiency boiler, zoned to ensure that spaces are heated appropriately. The greenhouse, the work spaces, and the storage room all have specific temperature needs which can be fine-tuned with the zoned heating. The greenhouse also has a high-tech insulated shading system, which prevents glare and overheating in sunny summer months while providing thermal insulation value during cool nights. The shade curtains are field tested to conserve about 50% of the energy used in similar climate zones.

The new building also strives to keep all rainwater on site, with a combination of permeable asphalt paving and rain gardens. The materials used for the exterior are durable and long-lasting, with a combination of recycled-content fibercement board, galvanized metal siding, and the polycarbonate panels. Inside, the design will incorporate salvaged materials and high-efficiency LED lighting.

WSN rendering front view 2

The front of the building will provide an “oasis” of green along busy California Avenue SW. There are lush landscaped areas, showcasing water-smart landscaping design, as well as a covered entry area and patio, with a few spots to sit and enjoy the greenery.

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  1. Lisa Taylor Whitley permalink
    October 7, 2015 3:14 pm

    Looks great! I’m excited for the new building!

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