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Croft Place Townhomes

The Croft Place Townhomes project is an impressive example of green building in affordable multi-family housing design, built while Parie was working as a Rose Fellow and Project Manager with the Delridge Neighborhoods Development Association (DNDA). Similar in concept to a cohousing community, 21 townhomes are grouped around a central courtyard, with a shared common building. As a 3-Star Built Green project and winner of the 2008 Built Green Hammer Award in the multi-family low-rise category, this project is a good example of the affordable green building strategies used in LD Arch Design’s projects, including:

  • Simple and compact floor plans to maximize efficiency
  • Energy efficient walls and windows, approximately 10% more efficient than code
  • Energy Star lighting fixtures, heating equipment, and appliances
  • Recycled over 90% of construction waste
  • Stained concrete and natural linoleum floors are durable and easily cleanable
  • Non-toxic paints, stains, caulks, and adhesives create a healthy indoor air quality
  • Formaldehyde free cabinetry, plywood, and wood products
  • Read more green strategies at the Built Green webpage for Croft Place

Parie’s contributions to the project included:

  • Managing all aspects of the project while working with DNDA
  • Overseeing the design by Bainbridge Architects Collaborative
  • Researching and specifying affordable green materials and technologies
  • Using the project as a case study for SeaGreen, the green building rating system for affordable housing funded by the Seattle Housing Levy
  • Coordinating the installation of a photovoltaic system, as part of the Green Power Pilot Project with Seattle City Light
  • Managing a complex budget with multiple public and private funding sources
  • Coordinating a series of workshops with the Pomegranate Center to engage residents in designing artistic elements throughout the common areas
  • Managing construction with the project completed on time and in budget

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