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Houses are for Living: Casual Green Modern

November 5, 2010

People often ask, “What style of architecture do you specialize in?” And although I don’t consider myself a specialist in one particular style or another, I would describe my aesthetic approach as “casual green modern”. My designs strive to create a more modern feel within the existing fabric of the building – a sense of openness, clean lines, carefully crafted use of lighting, and spaces that work for modern lifestyles – as well as to green the home – working with climate and increasing energy, water, and materials efficiency.  Your existing home may not be modern in style, but homes of many styles can benefit from increasing natural light and openness, as well as functional improvements to better fit your lifestyle.

One important tenet of green design is to carefully consider the future in all design decisions. Designs that maximize flexibility or are planned with future modifications in mind can work well to grow as your family size increases, to be more accessible as members of your household grow older, and to be useful for future owners of the home. And, in a larger sense, careful use of materials and efficient building design are also considering the future by conserving resources for future generations.

The words “modern design” can evoke images of stark minimalist interiors with uncomfortable chairs and super-organized bookshelves. That type of home can be quite elegant, but perhaps your lifestyle doesn’t match that style of living environment. Dogs can be messy, kids can be rough, and life can be too busy to keep the bookshelves organized just so. Your house should be designed to support your lifestyle, not the other way around.

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