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Green is a Verb

The verb “to green” can mean both: 1.) to make more environmentally sustainable, and 2.) to revitalize or rejuvenate. Bring new life to your home by making it more efficient and functional for your lifestyle.

I believe that making existing buildings greener is a vital part of creating a sustainable future. While a new home can achieve higher green goals, there is a lot of energy embodied in the house you have now which would be wasted – not to mention all of the energy to produce, transport, and assemble the materials of the new home. Whenever feasible I recommend keeping the home you have and modifying it to be more environmentally responsive and functionally efficient.

There are no plans or products that are right for every project — existing buildings are different, the people within them are different, budgets are different, and building sites are different.

I have a lot of experience with affordable green strategies. Some cutting edge green buildings can be quite expensive, but most green strategies are not more expensive if designed in from the beginning. Reusing your existing building is inherently green, particularly if your remodel or addition strives to increase the energy and water efficiency, select materials wisely, and use non-toxic products. The result will be more comfortable and better performing — and will interact more sensitively with the natural environment.

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